More than a hundred people debate on "Is Tarragona a Sleeping City?" To `Els Àpats de Mediterrània al Solric '

The tourist businessmen reproach the eligible PSC, PP, Cs, ERC and Junts x Cat the bureaucracy, the expensive parking, the incivism and the apathy

More than a hundred people filled the Solric restaurant yesterday, in the fourth edition of the 'Els Àpats de Mediterrània al Solric' gatherings, which, exceptionally, were in a colloquium format among businessmen, neighbors and politicians, moderated by the president of Mare Terra Fundació Mediterrània and the Coordinator of Entitats de Tarragona, Ángel Juárez.

On behalf of the businessmen, the president of the Association of Hotel Businessmen of Tarragona City, Javier Escribano and that of Vía T, Salvador Minguella; of the neighbors, the vice president of the CET, Roberto Hernández and Ramón Núñez, of the group Farts de Soroll and of the politicians, Begoña Floria (PSC), Imma Rodríguez (PP); Rubén Viñuales (Cs), Xavi Puig (ERC) and Dídac Navidad (Junts xCAT).

Among the public, there was a large representation of commerce and leisure in the city and in question time, most drew a very sleepy Tarragona that must be awakened with political will and city pride. Among the most applauded, a merchant who denounced that she is the third generation of her business and that every time she has to fight harder to get ahead because «there is no one in the street».

Musicians also asked to act in conditions and claimed that music and street art is also a tourist attraction very exploited in other cities.

On the other hand, nightlife entrepreneurs asked for more police presence when closing because for many investments they do, they can not control people when they leave their premises.

The representative of Farts de Soroll claimed, once again, an acoustic map and asked for the creation of a table to take forward this tool that should bring positions closer.

The two representatives of the government team, Begoña Floria (PSC) and Imma Rodríguez, agreed to defend that the city is not asleep.

Rodríguez, who holds the Tourism portfolio, said that «Tarragona is awake if the citizens are» and defended that until now, it had not opted for tourism in the city.

Floria defends that parking is not a problem, especially in a commitment to public transport. The socialist defends a "city for people, not for cars."

The three representatives of the opposition have defended that the city is asleep, although Viñuales has given the reason to the popular that until now, it had never opted for tourism. The candidate of Cs defends a city with activities in the street, as is already done in many others in Europe, which would also revitalize commerce and cheaper parking lots so as not to "eject visitors more"

Nadal also argues that you have to lower the price to park in Tarragona to a maximum of 3 euros and that you have to bet on local commerce.

Finally, Xavi Puig has promised that he will "listen a lot" and therefore, proposes to articulate the city in districts, in order to give more participation to neighbors and businessmen and lamented the great missed opportunity to show Tarragona in the world during the Mediterranean Games »Instead of paratroopers«.

As a whole, solutions were asked for the abandonment of the center, the constant trickle of business closure, the administrative slowness and, above all, the obstacles when it comes to boosting the city's commerce and leisure.